"When it comes to Shoe Repair and Leather Creations, Aaron Fagan is an Old World Craftsman."

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2327 Central Avenue
Dubuque IA 52001

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Aaron Fagan is in the shoe repair business … and more

Glue jobs
Stretching for more comfort

For more than 3 decades*, Aaron Fagan has repaired shoes. Combining Old World craftsmanship with an ingenuity born of experience and training, Aaron has repaired shoes for lots of Dubuque-area folks over the years. From simple heel replacements to re-soling or half-soling shoes to extend the life of a favorite pair … to helping people care for their feet by creating specialized insoles or designing complete medical buildups, Aaron has probably seen it and repaired it. Watch him demonstrate his skills in this Telegraph Herald video:



His can-do attitude shines through every time:


I’ll try anything for a customer.I’ll do what it takes.

Foot care

He also finds himself helping people care for their feet — helping people solve their shoe and foot problems — by creating specialized insoles for greater comfort and sometimes designing complete medical build-ups to solve a physical issue. If it’s something new to him, he usually has enough know-how and experience to creatively come up with a working solution.

Footwear and accessories

In addition, he also sells several lines of American-made shoes: quality footwear for work or just plain comfort. With his full line of shoe accessories, Fagan’s can almost be called a one-stop shop for all things shoe-related.

Know-How + Training + Experience = Creative Solutions


* Until 1982, Aaron Fagan worked for the Dubuque Packing Company. But when the Pack closed its doors that year, it was time for a lot of people to make career changes … Aaron Fagan included. He initally trained with Westenberg on basic shoe repair, then learned from some other respected experts. Since then, he has continued to self-educate. Between training, trial-and-error, and real-life experiences, it can pretty safely be said: “He’s seen it all!”