"When it comes to leather creations, Aaron Fagan was an Old World Craftsman."

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2327 Central Avenue
Dubuque IA 52001

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Aaron Fagan has repaired shoes for lots of Dubuque-area folks over the years — from simple heel replacements to re-soling or half-soling shoes — to extend the life of a favorite pair.

He also finds himself helping people care for their feet — helping people solve their shoe and foot problems — by creating specialized insoles for greater comfort and sometimes designing complete medical build-ups to solve a physical issue.

Read what some of his long-time clients (and some more recent ones) say about Aaron and his work. Testimonials:


Marvin-Ney-RMarvin Ney | Paramount Ambulance Service | DBQ, IA: I first bought a pair of work boots from Aaron Fagan when I was just 18 years old … a Wolverine work boot … a pair that lasted a long time by taking care of it with Aaron’s sole and heel repairs. Since I don’t have the most normal size foot, what I like about Aaron is that, he makes sure you’re getting the shoe in the right size and the right fit for what you need. 

The last few years I’ve been having my paramedics and EMTs get their work boots at Fagan’s … good prices, good service, and comfortable support for their important work. 

Kevin-Conlon-RKevin Conlon | DBQ, IA: Aaron has kept me in shoes, soles, planes, trains and automobiles for many years. Fagan’s has been my first stop for birthday and Christmas gifts for my friends and family. I have always found the perfect gift for anyone on my list — shoes for my wife and slot cars, trains, boats or rockets for my kids, nieces and nephews. [On many occasions, I was made to shop in my socks as Aaron would insist on polishing my shoes while I would shop the hobby store.] Aaron’s skill as a cobbler has kept me in good-looking, comfortable shoes for many years.

I always feel good about dealing with people who give back to those in need in our community. Aaron has always supported local business and charities in Dubuque. I regularly drop a few dollars in his donation jar for Camp Albrecht Acres in Sherrill and attend his annual hobby show to benefit their fine facility.

I’m proud of Aaron and all of the Fagan family for their many years of fine service to our community and their loyalty to their customers. They have earned my friendship and respect and have made me a customer for life. Keep up the fantastic work!

John Haupert, DVM (retired) | DBQ, IA: I first came in contact with Aaron Fagan in the early 80s when I needed some special work boots. For more than 30 years, since that first contact, my experience has been all positive.

The benefits? He’ll pre-order special footwear. The prices are great and he offers complete service. I highly recommend him because he fills a special need … always.

Over the years, Aaron has become a friend, a client, and I’ve noticed he always helps others … especially special needs kids and others in need. In my opinion, he is Dubuque’s First Citizen without the recognition he deserves.

Dennis (Bud) Schroeder | Bellevue, IA: After a car accident in 1987, my right leg was suddenly 2” shorter than the other. Because of that length difference, I needed help with a shoe for that one foot, but nothing that I tried seemed to work for me. Being a physical guy, I kept active over the years … even continuing to officiate basketball games … usually spraining my ankle once a game. This went on for almost 20 years until someone suggested I try Fagan’s about 8 years ago.

When I went in to see him, he looked at my foot. He watched me walk. And he knew exactly what he needed to do. He built up the base, adding about 2” of sole to my right shoe. But he didn’t stop there. He flared it out just right for extra support and stability. Since then, I’ve had him build up every right shoe of mine with his unique, custom design and have not had an ankle sprain since … either officiating a sporting event or in my work as a police officer.

Aaron Fagan is a real creative thinker and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone who has a foot problem or who has unusual footwear issues. He’ll probably be able to figure out a solution for you.

Kevin Haverland | Cuba City, WI: Pretty much all my life I’ve had feet problems that came with a lot of pain. [Now, I have arthritis in my knees, ankles and feet.] Over the years, I would go to area doctors and to Iowa City specialists for x-rays. Their solution for my problem: I needed leg braces … leather braces … later, plastic braces … all very expensive. I had several made by a Dubuque company years ago … and tried some inserts that were also recommended. Another doctor prescribed medications for the pain. But nothing they tried ever solved the problem.

After working with doctors for so long and spending thousands of dollars on braces and trying drugs that didn’t work, I needed to try something else. My feet were in so much pain. About 10 years ago, I went to see Fagan. He’s a wonderful guy! What he did for me was what all the doctors couldn’t: he perfectly custom-fit orthotic inserts for my feet. And it worked. Now, every time I’m in there (Fagan’s), he’ll watch how I walk and make an adjustment. And he asks the right questions to get the right results.

Aaron Fagan is a specialist in his own right. I praise the guy for all he’s done for me. I’ve already told many people to go see him … and if I can help someone by recommending Aaron’s services, it will be a blessing to me.

Joan Clayton | Platteville, WI: In 2005, I broke my ankle. To repair and heal it, I needed a plate and pins to stabilize it. That worked for awhile. Then more recently, the plate and pins were taken out and my foot wanted to turn out. I went to a specialist in Madison and he said, “There’s nothing I can do for you.” My foot doctor in Platteville couldn’t do any more for me either and referred me to Aaron Fagan. That was in the Fall of 2014.

When I first went to see Aaron Fagan, I couldn’t even wear shoes at all for long. What he did was cut the side out of my shoe and built it up so it would straighten out my ankle. Almost immediately, with Aaron’s changes to my shoe, I was walking more comfortably.

Then I had a bone spur that needed to be removed through surgery. That complicated things — there was some tenderness as it was healing — so he took the shoe all apart again and put a pad in there. It fixed the discomfort.

It’s still a work in process but, in a short time, we have come a long way. He has helped me considerably.

Shawn Hantelmann | Dubuque, IA: I have really flat feet that have caused problems for me for many years. Foot and ankle pain. Back pain, too. To the point where I couldn’t walk well and had gained a lot of weight.

My ankles have given me a lot of problems. I had tried a number of solutions, including paying $500 in Cedar Rapids for off-the-shelf arch supports that didn’t work. [And then they just sent me out the door with no follow-up.]

Thankfully, a friend who had gone to Aaron Fagan recommended him to me. Aaron has done amazing things for me: First, he custom fit arch supports that helped me walk. Since then, he has continued tweaking them to make them even better.

What else can I say about Aaron? He’s somebody who cares; he takes pride in what he does; he does quality work; and he has an artist’s eye. I’ve highly recommended him for foot care, but also for his quality footwear, too. [Birkenstocks.]

I had been on a quest for a healthier life for quite awhile and Aaron equipped me with what I needed to pursue that and to walk more comfortably. With more ease of movement, I’ve been able to walk more and have lost almost 80 lbs. in the process. It all translates to a better quality of life.